Infant Nursery

The purpose and focus of Langley Canadian Reformed Church’s nurseries is to provide a safe, secure, and loving environment for our children, so that all parents may feel comfortable and relaxed leaving their children to the nursery’s care.

The Infant Nursery is for children between the ages of newborn to 18 months, and is equipped with all the baby essentials such as swings, highchairs, exersaucers, playpens and toys. There is also a separate sleeping room with cribs for when your child needs to sleep undisturbed. For the security of your child and for your own peace of mind, this nursery is also equipped with a pager system. The numbered pagers are a means of signing your child in/out and a way of calling you out of the worship service if necessary.

Child Care

Our nursery coordinators make every effort to provide and double check that adequate care for the children is provided for each worship service. Our main babysitters are experienced moms themselves and their assistants are also experienced and responsible babysitters over the age of 12. We require that all 12-year-old helpers have their Babysitter’s Course Certificate.

While your child is in the nursery’s care, the babysitters will ensure that your child is cared for and kept happy to the best of their abilities. (Should your child cry inconsolably for 15 minutes, or shorter at your request, you will be paged to meet his/her needs.) Your care instructions will be followed and dirty diapers will be changed.

Cleanliness Standards

Between the janitorial team and nursery coordinators, every effort is made to maintain a clean and healthy nursery environment for your children. After each service, all highchairs, exersaucers, change tables and mouthed toys get wiped down and sanitized by the head babysitters of the day. The afternoon service head babysitter also takes care of washing any used sheets and blankets.

The nurseries are further cleaned before the next Sunday, including the floors, by our church’s janitorial team. A thorough cleaning of all the toys, equipment, cubbies, cribs, etc. is also done once a month by moms who actively use the nurseries.

Babysitting Opportunities

Are you new to our congregation and looking for ways to get involved? Are you an older or long-time member and you want to get to know the younger generations? Maybe you just really enjoy spending time with babies and children. Whatever your age, whatever your reasons, consider joining the nursery team! We are always looking for new volunteers to add to our babysitting roster, and spending time in the nursery is a great way to get to know the moms and the little ones of the congregation!

Perhaps you are a younger tween/teen and you love kids, or you are looking for some babysitting experience. We welcome younger nursery helpers too! For the infant nursery, helpers must be 13 years old or 12 years old with a Babysitter’s Course Certificate.

Babysitters and helpers will generally babysit once in a three month period. If you have any specific request with regards to how often you would like to babysit, please let the coordinator know; they are usually able to be flexible and will do their best to accommodate your request.

(Please note: if you are a new mom that uses the nursery you will automatically be placed on the babysitting list with a 6-week rotation. Moms that use the nursery for their children will also take their turn on the monthly cleaning list.)

If you would like to sign up, please contact the nursery coordinator.