The catechizing or doctrine-teaching of young people is a strong Reformed tradition that is energetically and happily continued here in Langley Canadian Reformed Church. The word “Catechism” comes from a Greek word that means “to instruct”. Apollos, a dynamic teacher in the New Testament church, had himself been catechized: “[Apollos] had been instructed [i.e. catechized] in the way of the Lord. And being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus…” (Acts 18:25).

At present there are four different catechism classes, although the size and dynamics of each class are reviewed yearly and the class make-up is therefore subject to change. Youth in grades 8 and 9 form one class, grades 10 and 11 form another, grade 12 have their own, and those who are either past Grade 12 and have not publicly professed their faith and/or who desire to publicly profess their faith in the near future make up the fourth class.

Catechism instruction is held every Tuesday night in Credo High School, right next door to the church, in rooms 108 and 112. Grades 8-11 begin at 7:15 and end at 8:00, while the older classes start at 8:00 and go till 9:00.

Catechism is normally taught by the pastors, who divide the classes equally between themselves. In the event of a vacancy of one of the two pastor positions, classes have been taught by elders with particular gifts in teaching doctrine or by young twenty-something men from the congregation who are pursing becoming ministers themselves.

On-going adult education, new believers and new member’s classes are also held at various times throughout the year, depending upon interest and the availability of teachers. New believer’s classes cover the basics of Christian doctrine. New member’s classes give an overview of Reformed church history and practices. Adult education classes cover a variety of topics such as evangelism, church governance, church history, and apologetics.

If you are interested in attending a catechism class, or you would like to attend a class for new believers or new members, please contact one of the pastors.

Age/Grade Time Topic Subtopics
Grade 8-9 7:15pm Tuesdays, Sept-April Year 1- Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Days 1-20
Year 2- Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Days 21-52.
Year 1: Sin, Faith, Trinity, Creation, Providence, Work of Christ, Holy Spirit
Year 2: Justification, Sanctification, Sacraments, 10 Commandments, Prayer
Grade 10-11 7:15pm Tuesdays, Sept-April Same as above Same as above
Grade 12 8:00pm Tuesdays, Sept-April Alternating between Belgic Confession and Canons of Dort Belgic Confession: Overview of Reformed Theology
Canons of Dort: God’s Sovereignty, Total Depravity, Election, Reprobation, Particular Atonement, Perseverance of the Saints, and more.
Senior Class 8:00pm Tuesdays, Sept-Easter Same as above Same as above with special unit on church membership and profession of faith.